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Boss: Larry Goodman is a director of the APB Food Group.

Before it became a term to describe sexual interests, it meant ‘charm’ and was used by explorers in the 15th Century to describe totems or carvings worshipped by other religions. I am Abi, blonde, blue eyed, slim gal very submissive who can be dominant.

Today, it’s used to describe a practice that operates outside of what is generally thought to be normal. Hi, I'm Katy, a 22 year old blue eyed blonde with 34DD boobs and a peachy bottom ripe for spanking. I love oral sex and I’m very good at giving deep throat.

‘With belt-tightening following the recession, it is often luxuries such as horses that face the chop,’ he said.

‘It makes sense they would end up in slaughterhouses rather than paying a vet a fee or trying to sell them on.

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