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This page provides some answers to questions about the Native American flute.

It is mostly designed for players of the instrument.

—Clint Goss Questions that begin with “…” are follow-on questions that relate to the question before them.

For example: One more thing: please realize that some of these questions lead to rabbit hole topics.

The two chambers, called the “slow air chamber” and the “sound chamber”, are separated by a “plug”.

Only those products can be represented as Indian-made.Online Elder Abuse Training for Legal Service Providers provides training to legal aid and other civil attorneys to identify and respond to elder abuse.This Web-based training program offers a variety of information, tools and resources, from interactive client scenarios to printable resources for your office.A similar edge tone occurs when an air stream travels out of the flue and hits the splitting edge, shown here in this cutaway view of the design of the inside of the flute in the area of the nest and block: However, this edge tone is not usually sustained, because the physics of the sound chamber of the flute come into play.The air stream that alternates above and below the splitting edge sets up a resonating column of air in the sound chamber.

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