Dursley dating

By the 1890s it was manufacturing the Dursley Pedersen Cycle and dairy equipment, especially cream separators which it shipped in volume.

Petrol engines followed in the early 20th century which went on to be a mainstay of the company until diesels began to be produced in 1929.

Surrounded by hills, and sitting on the Cotswold Way in the south Cotswolds, the market town of Dursley offers lovely walks with breathtaking views and is a great base for walkers.

Dursley has Walkers are Welcome status and hosts its own Walking Festival every October.

The woodware department, in which the churns were manufactured, was established in Howard's Mill in 1902 which then became known as the Churn Works.

The idea of having a son named "Dudley Dursley" upset Petunia so much that she begged her sister Lily to give her a potion that would make her beautiful and liked by other people; Lily eventually complied when Petunia threatened drastic action.

From that time onwards the diesels began to capture the volume markets and the last petrol engines were produced in the 1960s.

Other parts of the business that thrived in the early 1900s include the shearing equipment and woodware sections which added a different dimension to the company portfolio.

After formation in 1867, the company started out making agricultural implements including chaff cutters, corn crushers, oat cleaners, land rollers, horse gears, chain harrows and stone grinding mills.

Lister works have produced a huge range of different products throughout its lifetime.

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