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I cannot have been the only child of the Clinton era to have stumbled on the porn site doing social-studies homework.

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To talk (or type) about sex constituted its own kind of intimacy.

The cyberlove of your life could turn out to be little more than a mirage or a private psychosis.

“When internet lovers leave the computer to go to other activities,” Gwinnell reported, “they may feel as though the other person is ‘inside’ them.” Finding your soul mate online could also leave you feeling dissatisfied in real life.

She ceased to be “a rather mousy person — the type who favored gray clothing of a conservative cut …

She became (through the dint of her blazing typing speed) the kind of person that could keep a dozen or more online sessions of hot chat going at a time.” The effects carried over into real life.

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    “Ex-talk is the biggest travesty to creating a new relationship.

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    Kate turned up with two friends, having got her ticket from one of her friends who “became too mortified about it and bottled it”.

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    According to one study, 7 to 8% of depressed or anxious women had babies pre-term. Taking a few hours to do something special and enjoy your partner’s company can help take your mind off of your pregnancy worries and help to decrease your anxiety.