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Reed said that Currie continued to follow her, twice driving by or sitting in the parking lot of buildings that she cleaned, and coming to the table at a family dinner at Cracker Barrel to say he was sorry and hoped they could get back together.

At one point, Reed ran outside and Currie locked the door, keeping her keys, phone and radio — and her son — in the home, she testified.She worked cleaning buildings and Currie was a parts manager for the Shelor Motor Mile car dealerships in Christiansburg.She and Currie split grocery costs and he didn’t ask her to pay rent, Reed said. They had some verbal disagreements “but nothing excessive,” Reed said.That changed the night that Currie returned home and announced he’d had a terrible day.Reed narrated how Currie yelled at her and her son, then began flinging knickknacks, her son’s sippy cups and the television remote around the small space of the mobile home.

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