Who is dara torres dating

earlier this week was pretty haphazard — until this picture jumped out and attacked me.I know what you’re thinking: Thanks for the warning, Stunt Double — I have been permanently blinded by the effulgence of those abs.They frequently referred to her as "Chatty Cathy" because she was constantly breaking the unwritten rules of Serious Competition by chatting happily with competitors moments before the whistle with a big smile on her face — then kicking (almost) everyone’s ass in the water.Watching her race was perform at the Olympics was truly a pleasure — and I don’t even particularly like watching swimming events.Well, I’m sorry, but I didn’t want to dilute the experience for you.See, it’s kind of like we were flipping through This is Dara Torres.That I am 41 years old and I’m clean and I want a clean sport.'”This weekend, she achieved her first goal and qualified for the Olympics.Not only did she qualify, she placed first in the 100m freestyle, beating out the other swimmers that are 20 years her junior.

The swimmer (and model, TV sports commentator, author, and mother of 6-year-old Tessa, with ex-boyfriend David Hoffman) loves a challenge, but she's had some tough ones thrown her way in the past few years.

Knowing how improbable her recovery story was, she offered herself up to United States Anti-Doping Agency officials and volunteered for rigorous testing.“I said, ‘Look, I want to be an open book.

Because I want people to know that I’m doing this right.

In 2009, she underwent major knee surgery for arthritis and had to take off a year to recover.

Last year, her coach, Michael Lohberg, whom she adored, died at 61 from a rare blood disorder.

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