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The downfall to this is that Skype/Hangouts won’t be able to use the same web cam you are using for OBS Studio.

In other words, your friends won’t be able to see you. I suppose…Window Capture Properties After hitting “Okay” you now have your friends Skype/Hangout window… For Skype, minimize the chat section of the Skype window so it’s just your friend’s video feed.

The icon should look like a speech bubble as of this guides writing.

No need to this for Hangouts as the chat feed doesn’t show up automatically (if I recall correctly).

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Elise pants naked outdoors blindfolded naked, small breasts, black woman, tattooed navel.Using a web cam to show off your reactions to funny, scary and downright crazy events in games has now become commonplace among and Youtube gaming streamers.Just as commonplace is the streaming of co-operative game sessions while including your friends/family audio over Skype or google hangouts.If only we could meld these two ideas of co-op streams and web cams together… Do note one very important piece of information when proceeding with this method.**Start OBS Studio FIRST and ensure it has started your web cam**This will ensure that OBS Studio is the program utilizing your web cam and not Skype/Google Hangouts.Otherwise, your web cam footage won’t show up in OBS Studio, and thus, on stream.

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