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Robert Hartnett, who spent the night at the hospital at his son's side, said his son's survival was "a miracle." Hartnett served 14 years with the Coast Guard, joining shortly after Sept.11, 2001, and serving on active duty through August 2008."We will see where the investigation leads us," said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross, who is in his first week on the job.Meanwhile, police praised the bravery of the wounded officer, Jesse Hartnett, who was shot three times in an arm but still managed to pursue and wound Archer as he fled the scene of the shooting at 60th and Spruce Streets.Hartnett, an 18th District officer with five years on the force, was patrolling alone on 60th Street when Archer strode toward his cruiser around p.m. Archer was armed with a semiautomatic 9mm pistol - a police-issued firearm that had been reported stolen from an officer's home in 2013, Ross said. In video of the shooting obtained by The Inquirer, Archer was captured walking toward Hartnett, his arm extended, firing shot after shot and pocking the cruiser with bullets.Then, he leaned into the officer's squad car and opened fire again before sprinting back down the street. Bleeding heavily, his arm limp, he struggled out of his car and managed to run after Archer and fire back, wounding him.

The next year, he went to Egypt for reasons that are unclear and spent several months there.When he returned to the United States in December 2012, he was taken into custody by New York authorities because of his outstanding arrest warrant in the gun case.In March, Archer pleaded guilty to simple assault and carrying a gun without a license, and was sentenced to nine to 23 months in jail and two years' probation."He doesn't appear to be a stupid individual, just an extremely violent one," Ross said. FBI agents left with a cardboard box and several evidence bags.Reached at her home in Yeadon, Archer's mother, Valerie Holliday, said he was the eldest of seven children. A relative said Holliday had left the home with police.

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