Sedating a child

Sometimes, we can offer the appointment to another child on the waiting list.

The evening before the scan, reduce the amount of sleep your child has by allowing them to go to bed an hour later than usual.

Some children cannot remain still for an MRI scan and require medication to help them relax or sleep during the procedure.

Several factors are considered when determining if a child will need sedation, including: The radiology scheduler uses this information to determine whether sedation is necessary.

Often this can only be determined after the child is evaluated in person by the physician administering the sedation.

Your appointment time is 30 minutes before the scan is scheduled.

Before the scan starts, the nurse or radiographer will check you or your child do not have a pacemaker, metal implants or clips, dental braces, a history of metal fragments in the eyes or any allergies. If you are wearing a medication patch, for instance, for pain relief or to quit smoking, please remove this before you go into the scanner room.

You will also need to leave metallic objects like jewellery, watches, keys, pens or cards with metallic strips like bank cards and train tickets in the lockers outside the scanner room.

On the day of the scan, wake your child at least one hour earlier than usual and try to keep them awake on the way to GOSH.

It is important that your child does When you arrive at the hospital, you should report to the MRI department.

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