Jenny sanford is dating who msu singles dating

Sanford’s home, using a mobile phone as a flashlight.KING: Jenny Sanford is the first lady of South Carolina. SANFORD: You know, I -- I feel like I struck a chord with a number of folks around the country who were surprised, maybe, that I didn't crumble. I'm not -- I'm not really interested in getting retribution. I'm a solid Midwestern type of a girl and I found him refreshing. I found him just kind of a -- a breath of fresh air. You know, a couple of things he would say weren't, you know, what the normal suave guy that's been around the block a couple of times would say... And he says, well, you know, I -- with all due respect, I'd rather not use a vow that uses the world "faithful" in it. But we -- but -- but -- but after that, that was -- you know, we had a very honest, frank conversation.

And I did everything I could to kind of keep it private and to protect the family. KING: He also didn't have much experience in the dating game, did he?

But then I said, you know -- we had a -- we had a serious conversation.

I said just -- are you saying you don't want to get married, because, to me, marriage is a vow of fidelity.

They had some mixed blessings, but they basically were all in favor, yes.

KING: Did you talk to them when you were -- about writing it? SANFORD: I did talk to them about writing the book. KING: Isn't it difficult, Jenny -- if I can call you Jenny?

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