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Spirit of Contradiction was started as a project among a few of the long-standing members there, and so the majority of our contributors can be found there.

Plus, we usually have some pretty good discussions that you’ll miss out on if you just read the blog.

, one of the oldest chat protocols still in existence.

Users join chat rooms (“channels”) which are hosted on servers connected together in a network.

They do this through an IRC client, which allows one to connect to a network and join any channel that they’d like.

Although we recognize the personal is political, this is not a space to express uninvited opinions or criticize other people’s personal lifestyle choices, especially as it concerns health, diet, employment, body modification, and personal relationships.

In addition, users select names for themselves, generally called a “nickname” or a “nick” but occasionally referred to as a “handle.” Once they have a name that will appear to other users and they have connected to a channel, users can begin chatting.

There are a wide variety of popular IRC clients out there, and most of them are free.

Some of the most popular IRC clients include m IRC (which is proprietary and costs money), xchat (also costs money for the Windows version), irssi, and Chat Zilla (which is an add-on in the Firefox browser).

However, you can also connect to us using Freenode’s web-based client, which is exceptionally simple to use.

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