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It works quite simply, you submit your concept to the expert community, and reviewers provide their suggestions, recommendations and input about your design.

Back to the Usability Tools list Another in the usability tools that track where users click, Click Heat provides an interesting display method of results via heatmaps.But what good is conducting usability testing, how can it help?As an example of the benefit of usability testing, Jared Spool, usability guru and leader of User Interface Engineering, has described how simple usability testing and subsequent changes to ONE button increased online revenues for a major e Commerce web site by about 300 Million Dollars, in one year. By using today’s low cost usability testing tools, usability researchers can spend a fraction of the cost to obtain results that are close to the traditional usability testing facility results that used to cost thousands.Quickly run a test on your UI prototypes to answer any nagging questions about usability.Chalkmark provides a means of sharing an image with a user to gather feedback on where the user would click to perform a task.

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