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Further, Christian burial is to be refused to suicides (this prohibition is as old as the fourth century; cf. L., XL, 573) except in case that the act was committed when they were of unsound mind or unless they showed signs of repentance before death occurred.

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The interment of a deceased person with ecclesiastical rites in consecrated ground.In the light of this same dogma of the resurrection of the body as well as of Jewish tradition (cf.Tobit ; ; Sirach ; 2 Maccabees ), it is easy to understand how the interment of the mortal remains of the Christian dead has always been regarded as an act of religious import and has been surrounded at all times with some measure of religious ceremonial.Not long ago we posted our Top 50 local high school players ever.Such an abbreviated list does a disservice to a region with as many first and second round NBA draft choices, college record holders, and college conference record holders as Greater Washington.

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