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For Libra and Taurus, compatibility depends upon stability and security in a relationship, however. Together, they’re not likely to rock the boat overly much, so there is stability of a sort.

Surely this should be a love match made in heaven, no?

The Idealist and the Lover – are they not heading for a happily ever after situation filled with romance, idealism, fluffy bunnies and rainbows? Well for Libra and Taurus, compatibility can be instant and the attraction can be overwhelming…but is this a relationship which can last or is it built on castles in the air?

There’s a strong magnetism between Libra and Taurus, founded mainly by their shared ruling planet.

Libra means nothing by it, but Taurus doesn’t get that.

And where Libra and Taurus compatibility is vulnerable, unrealistic expectations from Libra only serve to compound the problem.

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