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(I know, that probably strikes you as wildly unlikely, but it’s been known to happen.) MORE: The age of the ‘recycled CEO’ Asking you to confirm in writing that the relationship is voluntary gives the company a defense later on if you try to sue on the grounds that you were coerced or intimidated into accepting your boyfriend’s amorous advances.“But a ‘cupid contract’ is partly for your own protection as well,” notes Merry Campbell, co-chair of the employment law practice at Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker in Washington, D. “The agreement should indicate to you that, if the romance ends badly, it won’t affect your position at work, and you have the right to bring any repercussions — for example, retaliation on your boyfriend’s part — to management’s attention.” All this talk of contracts and lawsuits might come as a shock to anyone too young to remember a rash of high-profile sexual harassment suits in the ‘90s — not to mention a few more recent ones, like the 2011 case where a jury awarded .6 million to a Kansas City employee of UBS Financial Services whose supervisor had harassed her.It’s legal for your manager to make you clean up rat poo. It’s legal for your manager to share your resignation letter with your coworkers.It’s legal for employers to favor candidates with more recent experience than you have.Earlier this week, after the question here about whether it’s legal for your employer to make you clean up rat poo, Suzanne Lucas — Evil HR Lady — and I talked about how awesome it would be if we put together a book of all the fake employment laws that people think exist but actually don’t.We are too lazy to put together a book, but we can manage a blog post.It’s legal to remove someone from the work schedule until they agree to show up for a staff meeting.

“In some cultures, half the employees are dating, or married to, the other half and it’s not a problem — at least not yet.” In many other companies, though, office romances are strongly discouraged, or even prohibited.In fact, a new poll by work-life and benefits consultants Workplace Options suggests the millennial generation is blissfully unaware of how messy, and how nasty, sex in the office can get.Consider: 84% of 18-to-29-year-olds say they’d date a coworker, versus 36% of Gen Xers (ages 30 to 45) and only 29% of Boomers (45-65).Companies that require coworkers who are dating to sign “cupid contracts” are not just being nosy.They’re hoping to avoid lawsuits.&source= class="display-block component popup" target="_blank" FORTUNE — Dear Annie: I will be a senior in the fall and just started a summer internship at a major financial services company, and something has come up that seems strange to me.

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