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On March 1, 1961, WBRC-TV signed an agreement with ABC to become a full-time affiliate of the network.This was very unusual for a market with only two commercial stations; usually, one or both stations carried ABC as a secondary affiliation, since that network would not be on anything resembling an equal footing with CBS and NBC until the 1970s. The company's chairman was a personal friend of ABC's president Leonard Goldenson, and several of Taft's other stations, including flagship WKRC-TV in Cincinnati (which would rejoin CBS in 1995), had recently switched to ABC.For a time, it incorporated the ABC circle logo inside its own "6" logo (just as it had done with the CBS eye in the 1950s).

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While it may have been out of place in most of Storer's other markets (many of which were located outside of the Southern United States), it was a perfect fit for Birmingham.

On February 19, 1953, WBRC-TV moved to channel 6 as part of a frequency realignment ordered by the FCC, resulting from the Sixth Report and Order issued the year prior in 1952.

This move was made in order to alleviate signal interference problems between WBRC and WSM-TV (now WSMV-TV) in Nashville, which also transmitted on channel 4, that were present in portions of northern Alabama.

Later that year, Hanna also sold the WBRC television and radio stations to Storer Broadcasting for .3 million--a handsome return on her first husband's purchase of WBRC radio 25 years earlier. Storer, the company's founder and chairman, was a member of the board of directors at CBS, and most of his television stations were affiliates of that network.

Storer may have used his leverage to secure a primary CBS affiliation for WBRC-TV, which joined the network on July 4, 1954.

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