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The program doubled and finally tripled our midweek ser\'ice attendance, as well as increasing it at all the other services. 11 ^ii Liii Sl^udl^r ) One World 14 (Russell Ogden) BOARD OF DIRECTORS Robert D. president: Thomas Ham- mers, vice president: ^Mark Malles. assistant secretary: William Male, treasurer; William Schaffer, member at large to executive committee; Bryson Fetters, Robert E. In nur Brethren foreign-mission work alone there were thousands who accepted Jesus Christ as personal Sa\'iour. If we are in Christ Jesus, and the bombs come down, we go up! A New Concern There is one sobering concern related to the ,s:ion coming of lesus Christ. January 6, 1962 Missionary Mai I bag Rio Cucrto, Argentina Greetings from Rio Cuarto!

flere at the Church "f the Open Door (Los Angeles) \A'e are preparing to begin the program for the fourth time in fourteen vears. Ind.) IN THIS ISSUE The Saint Anthony Bay Brethren Church 7 ( Bill Burk I What Is the James Gribble Memorial High School? There is e\'ery reason to believe that increasing thousands will accept Christ during this new vear. If there is the same dedication and sacrifice in the sending as in the going, and the same willing surrender to the will of God, there can be the same blessing in the sending as in the going. There may be bombs, fallout, carnage, death, separation, and heartache beyond description in this new vear. "The coming of the Lord draweth nigh." I do not know when He will come, but 1 know He will come. Multitudes, multitudes, and more multitudes have ne\'er heard of the first coming of lesus Christ and of His wonderful plan of salvation. We have had a wonderful trip thus far and the Lord has been answering pra\ers for guidance and safety.

This has been e\ident in the salvation of many and the growth of multitudes of others. But a man who worked there, a friend of Brother Maconaghv, stepped out and greeted us.

1 preached on Siindav morning from the par- ticrdar portion being read, on Sunday night a popular message ^^'ith an e\'angelistic thrust from that section, and at the midweek service I attempted to co\-er the week's reading in detail. We love the opportunities but so often shun the responsibilities. The old vear had so manv failures, times when we failed to measure up to our responsibilities. Probably there will be manv of them, but it is our privi- lege to limit or pre\-ent them as, in the words of the .-^postle Paul, we "bu\ up our opportunities." New Babes in Christ There were man\' such babes last vear.

God wants all the old men in sin to become new men in Christ Jesus. Thev will ne^-er know about it unless thev are told.

This results from the experience of being born again bv the power of the Holv Spirit.

God wants everv one of His children to be done with the old, and to recei\'e with ]n\ the new.

Will we manifest the characteristics of the new man in Christ Jesus, or will we discontentedlv continue to hold on to the old habits, the old sins, the old selfishnesses, the old dislikes, the old faithlessness.

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