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Update, March 14, 2010: Since first posting this book, I've received some interesting comments which I will insert at the bottom of this page under Comments. His eyes have a steeliness about them that was unexpected. If we talk positively it brings about positive things. I know he was frightened that they would discover who he was. But I was taken aback when I was visited by an alien being who chilled me to the bone.

Perhaps, you should read his letter first, before diving into this book. A head was visible and there were hands or something that manipulated tools. It talked to me in Brian's voice, but in a more chilling way. Let me now say what else I discovered about Brian and how I drew my conclusions. I was in another country at the time and he came over via astral projection.

(g) Weapon # 4A: Mass toxic energy/substance put in the atmosphere to suppress us all. They place themselves in positions of power and they are also found in all walks of life and there is a ground force covering geographical areas and this was Brian's role.

They are a secret organization who is taking control of the planet without us knowing about it.

Hulda Clark Books | Planet X Sequel | 'Undocumented Immigrants' | Donald Marshall & Cloning Station War on Terror | Tavistock | U. The author of this book was reported to have drowned off a beach in Nassau, Bahamas in October of 2009. I will be gradually editing the English grammar in this posting (as time allows) to make it easier to read and understand what the author is trying to explain (currently, I've edited up to section 2.1). The other reason that this book was written and published is that Ettissh enticed the overseeing entity of "John of God" psychic surgeon in Brazil to work for him. Unpleasant, mistreatment is the norm for me, although he had great charm and many seduction techniques. I did not want to go public with this information, but as I said in the prologue, I have absolutely no choice.

The original, unedited version is found at this link ( Susan Reed.shtml). It offers many revelatory insights into the psychology, methodology, motivations, and long term goals of reptilian aliens (long term occupants of inner earth for perhaps 400,000 years) who are engaged in an agenda that is threatening - in the extreme - the continued existence of the human race itself. He enticed her with reptilian secrets such as one about karma and another an alien agreement. (c) Brian using me to get himself transferred out of Spain 1. About the human/reptilian I have unique insights into exactly how a reptilian body-snatches a human. Included are politicians such as Condoleezza Rice, bankers such as the Vanderbilts, famous actors including Tom Cruise, Emma Thompson and tennis star Virginia Wade, and British royalty such as Princess Anne. I later found out that the real reason that Brian had been dating me was to find out about , a higher consciousness course I was taking that was fairly new and unknown to the reptilians (see later my section on anti-higher consciousness). Then after a couple of weeks, an attempt was made on my life. At this time, as well as trying this, Brian attached weapon No. Once you know something, they will try and stop you exposing it. There is no conspiracy or even political books in his house and yet he knows so much.

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