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Efficiently, Cordelia is chosen to cater Jason’s forthcoming Bar Mitzvah, and Dr.Charlotte notices that “Something Bad Is Happening” (the title of a song) to her patents – including Whizzer. For all its willingness to present ambivalent, bickering characters in complicated relationships, “Falsettos” feels dated in many ways.“Now,” she says, “I’m playing someone with a heart.

It was actually a very sweet job, but the worst part of it was the 16-minute loop of Christmas music. Which of your performances has left a lasting mark on you?

Even as we created it over the course of years, I developed such a wonderful relationship with those directors and with Rick Elice, the writer, and that show was so much about collaboration, given the ensemble nature of it.

Those creators were so generous and smart and wonderful and now that’s kind of something that I crave.

“The rot at the center of ‘Falsettos’ is slathered in self-congratulation,” writes Als, who labels it “one of the most dishonest musicals I have ever seen,” with “weak humor” and “hideously cheap sentiment.” I wish I felt as passionately as either critic about the Lincoln Center production at the Walter Kerr, the first Broadway revival of a show that was hailed as groundbreaking in 1992. It debuted on Broadway a quarter century ago, when the creative team of William Finn and James Lapine stuck together two shows that had debuted separately at Off-Broadway’s Playwrights Horizons — “March of the Falsettos,” in 1981, and “Falsettoland” in 1990.

There is much I enjoyed about it, especially the performances of its exceptional seven-member cast, five of whom I’ve singled out for their previous work – Andrew Rannells, Christian Borle, Stephanie J. But ultimately I found “Falsettos” neither terrible nor terrific, and that surprised me. Although written a decade apart, they take place only two years apart…but those two years represent two entirely different eras. Marvin (Christian Borle) has left his wife Trina (Stephanie J.

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