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Annabelle Attanasio and I had a really funny time talking about what the real relationship between Bull and Cable is.

Very early on she winked at me and said, “I think I’m your daughter,” and it was like,”Oh God, wouldn’t that be weird, if nobody knew that? My experience on was that we built a show that was a dystopian drama airing Tuesday night at 9, and then in the second year we were an 8 o’clock Freak of the Week, chasing monsters.

It’s very controversial, and it shows you her real toughness, but also that emotional disconnect that she has. The key thing to me is that this is a show about human behavior and understanding it as much as you can. ” couldn’t be a more relevant question to ask, and it doesn’t just come down to black hats and white hats.

Each one of the characters is fractured and wounded in their own way. The kids will come here for a couple of weeks, and then I’ll go back there as many weekends as I can. I was gets credit — and so does Wikipedia, because when I met Bojana I did a deep-dive on that data. And she proved to be very helpful, so I give her full credit.

Everyone has a struggle, and this is a show about why people do what they do. It is true, Sasha [who is also Serbian] taught me among other things how to say Bojana’s name, which is a pretty big thing, “putting the em Sasha said that history lesson was born out of you forever mistaking her for being Czech or whatever, until she sat you down one day….

As a parent of three kids, I really would prefer that everyone was in a very safe car that was limited by design and was shaped like a marshmallow. TVLINE here in New York City been working out for you?

I loved the concept that Bull has this calm, cool exterior, with the glasses and the sweater and the hairdo, but underneath it is a lava flow.

In the pilot, it was important to have Bull connect with that young kid and get emotional, and then at the very end where the woman [juror] sticks it to him with the crazy s–t she says. And then in doing the series, it’s more about finding out that Bull can be fun, he can be incredibly self-destructive, he’s contrarian sometimes.

She’s known him the longest and in a way is the least surprised by some of his behaviors.

She’s very earnest and analytical, and Geneva herself is such a marvelous lady.

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