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We would like to record emphatically here that however much it may please Western sentiment, the notion that the Taj Mahal is a marble phantom of the love that Shahjahan bore for Mumtaz, is simply silly.

It never happened in mediaeval India and probably never happens anywere else in the world.

And he with all the splendour and glory and fanfare accompanied by his son 17.

Kalane Khood ba rasme peshkash usaal numayad ta multimassate oo, izze qubul yabad 17.

Secondly, how many palaces did Shahjahan build for his sweetheart Mumtaz while she was alive before he built one over her dead body ? The answer to the first is that there are no accounts of the Shahjahan Mumtaz romance because there never was any.

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Dowlat khwahi wa hawa jooee firistadah maarooz dashta bood keh ein 4.

Loyal servant full of sincerity requests that because the shortsightedness and cruelty 6.

Guzeenee bad sagaali wa mukhalifate awliya-e-dowlat-e-abad meeaad mee namood 6.

Every Moghul monarch The Need to Re-Examine Antecedents 39 had at least 5,000 consorts in his harem and many more at his command outside.

He had hardly the time or the heart to idolize only one of his several thousand consorts.

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