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The ideas that DD was individual and all areas of DD are connected by common denominators, not differences, is something that began with the first ADDS group and is still at the foundation of every ADDS group and this site.ADDS now has a blog/site and is the Domestic Discipline Homepage for everything DD.I will list some risks now on things that I have either experienced myself or that I have witnessed and can confirm in good conscience: A Note on Religion I have had many people asking me if it’s ok to summon a succubus if you are a practicing Christian.

The only thing confusing about that is DD is already understood as a lifestyle dynamic that is lived in various and individual ways.If you really need help use the chatzy chat if we have time we will try to explain.Not everyone who wishes to do this will be right for it or be chosen by a succubi.Everyone lives their DD dynamic in an individualized way depending on the people and In 2005, when there was infighting in the DD community ADDS was founded as a place where everyone was welcome to discuss DD and not be judged for their differences.The ideas that DD could be summed up by one couple or a small group or that DD was confined by religion, gender or sexual identity and other divisions were broken.

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